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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Volvograd, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Hello you!

Welcome to the Shepherdly world of His Royal Woofness James 'Shep' Shepherd, the Loopy Longcoat, aka Reverend Shep Shepherd of the Church of the Immaculate 1990 Volvo 740: a thirtysomething, quasi-bohemian furry who is still waiting for his big break; a nearly famous, iconoclastic, SubGenius, Generation X-er and were-dog who inhabits a bizarre world of antiques, Volvos, white wine and curios - a place where every prospect pleases, but only man is vile.

Some of you may know me by name, some of you may know me by my reputation, some of you may be my friends, others may know me to talk to, and some of you may only know me as the odd one who used to wear suits to LF meets. Don't be afraid though, as my bark is worse than my bite! :)

I'm an open-minded and adventurous individual of the male gender, English, originally from Kent, but due to a series of turns of events currently in exile in Essex, which I like just fine :)

I'm a misanthrope i.e. a creature born into the wrong body, and not a great fan of the human race in general; In my case I believe that I should have been whelped as a long-coated, black and tan German Shepherd Dog, instead of a human. Not a great state of affairs, but I get by, mainly by doing things differently to most other people :)


However, being a Good Shepherd, I relish being friends with, being around, inspiring and helping nice people. Even if I cannot offer a solution to your problems, I will attempt to listen to them intently and non-judgementally.

My interests are somewhat 'eclectic', as you can see below. But aren't everyone's?

This journal is friends-only. However, I will friend anyone who adds themselves to my friends list as long as they aren't a serial adder (Russian or otherwise), in which case they will be banned immediately...


Shepfacts about Shep:

*Shep can trace his ancestry back to Wallace Hartley, the bandleader of R.M.S. Titanic.

*Shep met the golfer Jack Nicklaus in 1993 and had no idea who he was.

*Shep was taught the ways of the dog by his family's longcoated German Shepherd Dog, Franz.

*Shep has a weakness for pastry and crisps, which means that he's a bit fat.

*Shep dislikes most aspects of popular culture.

*Shep is happy for people to do what they want behind closed doors with consenting individuals over the legal age of consent, so long as what they do doesn't ultimately impinge upon his ability to do the same.

*Shep has an intense hatred for New Labour and despairs daily at how they transformed Great Britain into Broken Britain during their time in office. He is deeply overjoyed that both they and their inglorious leader have now been consigned to the bad history books.

*Shep also has deep issues with the UK press, how it has been 'dumbed-down' over the past decade and the way it reports news events, with every single minor issue blown out of all proportion, leading to mass public hysteria.

*Shep is deeply troubled at the way stupidity, celebrity and mediocrity is celebrated/promoted in the UK in preference to intelligence, talent and excellence.

*Shep knows what he likes and he likes what he knows.

*Shep is first for breaking news.

*Shep is single, and available to the right person.

*Shep harbours an interest of everything to do with the 1970s and 1980s and rather wishes that he was the age he is now in 1987...

*Shep deeply dislikes elitism and snobbery, especially in the furry fandom.

*Shep is credited with the foundation of the UK Shepherdy fandom, a German Shepherd-specific offshoot of the UK furry fandom, consisting of up to four individuals...

STOP PRESS! As of 18/8/06, Shep has a Fursuit! Read about it here:

Thanks, Brokken.


Meet The Volvo, a 1990 Volvo 740SE Auto Estate which has been my trusty automotive companion since December 2003, a car bought on a drink-fuelled eBay whim, which has become such a big part of my life that I'm loath to ever get rid of it, but probably will at some point; the irony of someone like me owning an 'old man's car' is delicious, as everyone expects me to drive a Golf! I grew up around Volvos (my aunt and uncle drove them exclusively), which influenced me to buy my first one in 2002. I like rear wheel drive Volvos as they are everything that I want a car to be:


Introducing The Volvo 2, aka TV2, my recently-acquired 1997 V70 2.5 10v. Looks just how a Volvo should look, but drives like a sports car:


Call me 'Two Volvos Shepherd' ^^

Pawnote: Shep reserves the right to delete posts and comments without notification or explanation.

Banish serial adders and idiots from your journal here:

"I figure that anything that makes people happy without making others unhappy is worthy of great respect."
- Mark Evanier.

I'll drink to that!

To the person or persons who objected to a certain LJ user and their journal (not myself, I might add) and subsequently launched a DDoS attack on the whole of LJ the second weekend of August 2009: if you don't like what someone posts on their journal, don't read it, or if you must meddle, find a way to screw up their journal which doesn't screw up everyone else's for at least two days.

Got it?

Et maintenant, comme le chien.

© 2005-2012, the Shep Shepherd Organisation. Incorporating Flying Trot International, Shepherd International Groupage Services, Shepload Transport Limited, Shepherd Automotive Developments, Doggage Financial Services, Woofhire Car Rental, BlackSaddle Computers, and Longcoat Publishing.

Interests (150):

a clockwork orange, abba, akitas, alternative lifestyles, alternative sexuality, america, analogue synthesisers, animal transformation, audi quattro, being a bit rubbish, benelux, billy joel, border collies, brian griffin, britain, bucks fizz, canada, canterbury, chernobyl disaster, church of the subgenius, citroën, classic cars, criminology, curry, cynicism, david bowie, day of the triffids, dempsey and makepeace, depeche mode, desireless, devo, dl, dog butts, doggage, dogs, eccentricity, electronic music, england, euro-disco, europe, european cars, europop, fat dogs, fat furries, fatfurs, foxes, france, french bread, furry, furry art, furry inflation, fursuiting, fursuits, gary numan, gene hunt, german shepherd dogs, germany, grace jones, heaven 17, holland, howard jones, human league, huskies, industrial accidents, j-pop, james may, japan, jean-michel jarre, john foxx, joy division, kate bush, kenny everett, kent, klaus nomi, knots, kommissar rex, kraftwerk, krautrock, lancashire, land rovers, lassie, laura branigan, level 42, london underground, longcoated german shepherd dogs, look around you, malamutes, minimoog, misanthropy, neue deutsche welle, new romantic, new wave, newspeak, nik kershaw, nonconformism, northern england, nuclear war, omd, pizza, plushies, police dogs, political incorrectness, post-punk, pripyat, protect and survive, randomness, riesling, rin tin tin, rover sd1, rush, russia, ryuichi sakamoto, sandwich, scandinavia, spandau ballet, spinal tap, st bernards, stan ridgway, stephen fry, synthesisers, synthpop, tailholes, tangerine dream, telex, the 1970s, the 1980s, the cold war, the paranormal, the police, the soviet union, the sweeney, the volvo, therianthropy, ties, tlentifini maarhaysu, tummies, tummy rubs, ultravox, urban exploration, vintage appliances, volvo, volvo 240, volvo 740, volvo v70, weirdness, wendy carlos, white german shepherds, white wine, wolves, yellow magic orchestra
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